Andre Duquemin is the founder of Three Brain Training, a coaching, training and consulting company that works at the intersection of well-being and high performance.

In a noisy, complex and fast-changing world, leaders, and the teams they work with, need new ways of dealing with the challenges they face daily.

We are seeing a human energy crisis across the board, with more and more people struggling to balance well-being, work and home life. The old methods of providing coaching for leaders without addressing any underlying mental and emotional situations are no longer fit for purpose.
Three Brain Training bridges that gap by providing a therapy and coaching framework that helps support leaders and their teams who struggle with burnout, feeling unenergised and lacking in focus and motivation.

The secret here is that it’s the very same set of tools, techniques and concepts that can take people from the edge of burnout through to states of peak performance and self-mastery.

Three Brain Training provides a comprehensive framework to help leaders and their teams to achieve those goals. We deliver these results through one-to-one and group coaching programmes, team training and workshops.


Whilst all of the above is true, I have been on a long and arduous personal journey to arrive at this framework. I started working as an osteopath in 200, working in a small business district, where I began to work almost exclusively with office workers. It didn’t take me long to recognise that some of the most complex problems I saw in clients were related to stress in the workplace.

Then, in 2012, I had my own mini breakdown and realised that the support systems out there didn’t give me what I needed. Whilst I did find some help from some therapists and coaches, there didn’t seem to be a joined-up approach that could help me survive, thrive and reach my full potential.
I began investigating and studying the links between stress and the mind and body. Over time I trained in other modalities, including coaching, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and trauma therapy.

This was the birth of what I now call the Three Brain Training Approach.
Modern science teaches us that we have three major nervous centres in our mind and body, each with a separate role in our overall well-being.

First, we have the GUT, which is primarily responsible for our safety. Next, the HEART is responsible for our connections with others and emotional intelligence. Finally, the HEAD, particularly the frontal lobe, allows us to adapt to complex social systems and find purpose and meaning within them.

We need to work with each centre in its own right, and the framework I have created allows and encourages this to happen.
In my one-to-one coaching practice, I work with executives, founders and entrepreneurs on the verge of burnout who often come to me feeling anxious, overwhelmed and lacking energy and focus.

In my work with teams, I train and coach groups of people to understand how to work with their systems and look at best practices to help the whole team perform at the highest possible level.

We use the three brain training framework to create psychological safety, promote emotional intelligence and help leaders and teams to take value-led, purposeful action.

By working at the intersection of well-being and peak performance, I see profound changes in energy levels, creativity, motivation, focus and fulfilment.
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