The Problem With The Hit And Hope Approach

Feb 24, 2021
Hit and Hope Approach

The Problem With The Hit And Hope Approach

When we are struggling with feeling knackered, worn out and on the verge of burning out it’s often reassuring to reach out for some help. 

We understand that we have to do something if we want to make real progress in order to feel healthier and more alive. 

The problem comes, though, when we try to actually choose which path to take. 

The Hit And Hope Approach

This is where we come to a very common issue – it’s all very well having an idea to get some help, but which option do we choose from the myriad available to us. 

Let’s face it, there are a lot of avenues open to us. 

We could have some talk therapy, some counselling or some life coaching. We could go down the medication route and try some sleeping tablets, some anti-depressants or even some of that CBD oil that your best mate was raving about the other night. 

Perhaps complementary health is more your bag, in that case, the options multiply. Osteopathy, chiropractic, reflexology, massage or acupuncture?

Or one of the catalogue of abbreviated options: EMDR, CBT, EFT or MBSR?

There’s a lot of choices out there but sadly most people won’t really know which option to choose and if they ask the various practitioners of these modalities many will tell them that they have the best option for solving whatever issues are arising. 

In a way, this is fine, as all of the above options can be a good fit for various stress and trauma-related issues.


But there are some real problems with this approach. 

Over the almost 20 years that I have worked in healthcare, first as an osteopath, then as trauma centred therapist and now as a trainer and coach in mind/ body stress management I have come to realise that there are many different ways to work with the same problem. 

But not all are necessarily as effective as each other. 

You see the problem is that most of the difficult situations we find ourselves in are multi-faceted

Let’s say you are suffering from the effects of a brutal breakup and divorce. Almost certainly there are going to be a few working parts here. 

Firstly a loss of trust, some self-doubt and the feeling of having been dragged through a draining and hurtful process. There’s likely to be some issues with feeling drained and exhausted, perhaps some anxiety and even some panic attacks from time to time. 

You might feel as if you are broken and as if you will never be able to let anyone close to you ever again, so bad is the pain. 

There literally isn’t one option in the list above that can deal with all of that. 

And that’s because they are focused on working in one area when what you really need is a comprehensive and integrated approach that works with each of the 3 “brains”. 

In the case of the person coming out on the other side of the messy divorce, the work must focus on the gut to work with the anxiety and fear, the heart to reestablish connection and coherence and the “thinking” brain to work through self-doubt and self-recrimination. 

Each of the three brains have a very different function and have to be approached in different ways, something which one type of therapy will really struggle to achieve. 

This is why the programmes we teach are so powerful.

We show our clients how to take each of the 3 brains and teach them how to bring each one into balance. Once you have balance in one area, then you can begin to bring all three into some kind of harmony and you can start to feel in control of your life once more. 

And what’s more, we deliver all the tools and techniques that you will ever need for never being out of balance again, or at least not for any real length of time. 

I generally am not one to blow my own trumpet and in many ways, this work isn’t my own but rather a compilation of all the directions that my host of teachers, therapists and coaches have shown me along the way. 

But we do have one powerful programme on our hands….

So much so that we are in the middle of a complete rebrand as we lose the Resilient Executive aspect of the business and focus all of our attention on what I call “Three Brain Training”. 

This work changes the lives of every single person that comes into contact with it and it’s my life purpose to share the powerful framework with small groups of people so that they can in turn transform their lives and the lives of those around them. 

If this is of any interest to you, please feel free to get on a call with me or one of my team.