Is Climate Change Causing Professional Burnout?

burnout Nov 24, 2021

On top of keeping a business afloat, ensuring the wellbeing of their team and finding methods to grow, professionals are drowning in mountains of climate change paperwork as they prepare their businesses for a net-zero future.

‘Businesses are on the brink of a climate collapse’ is what many professionals read thanks to our modern access to news. All adding to unwanted stress and building towards an inevitable burnout.

COP26 was designed as a breath of fresh air for the world’s fight against climate change. Whilst agreements have been made by many of the world’s leaders, midnight oil is being burnt by business leaders trying to understand their next steps.

It’s fair to say the ongoing pandemic hasn’t helped. Managers, directors and business owners are firstly, experiencing job security concerns and secondly, on a constant state of alert in case another lockdown or further restrictions are implemented.


Thankfully, greener pastures are on the horizon in our fight against Covid, however, we’re now thrown into uncomfortably warmer water to battle climate change. As we lace-up, we need to consider the effect on our nervous system and how the added stress can impact our three brains.

Recent neuroscientist research has uncovered that humans’ have a functional and complex set of neural networks in our hearts and guts as well as our heads. Each has a specific purpose and can affect our mental health in different ways:

  • The gut represents safety and is related to our fight/ flight system and getting our basic physiological needs met.
  • The heart represents connection and is governed by our emotional world and how connected we feel to those around us.
  • The head represents respect and is related to the frontal lobe in the brain and how we fit into society and make meaning and purpose of life. 

A crisis like climate change takes to our nervous system like kindling to a bonfire. Catastrophic change affects our gut’s feeling of safety, our heart is under increased tension when we consider finding common ground with others and finally how can our head consider the purpose of life when our home of 100,000 years is under attack from the very beings trying to fix it.

There’s a wave of changes upon leaders. None that have ever been conquered before. Professionals need to fasten their seatbelts and put tools in place to protect their nervous system from increased stress and potential burnout.

Three Brain Training has been specifically designed to teach professionals how to take care of three brains instead of one. Preparation and understanding of what makes your three brains tick is key to preventing burnout.

You can contact Andre for more information on how to prepare for Earth 2.0 here.