Five Tips To Prevent Work From Home Stress

burnout Dec 21, 2021
Five Tips To Prevent Work From Home Stress

This week, Guernsey residents have needed to make swift changes in order to revive their home office. This introduction comes following an increase in Omicron cases in the Bailiwick.   

Whilst the new variant causes havoc globally, locally, the CCA is advising ‘those who can work from home, should do’. With only days until a well-deserved respite, how can Guernsey professionals prevent the festive season becoming burnout season?   

We’re unsure how long this latest measure will last but we need to take reassurance from the previous two lockdowns. Many individuals may already enjoy a split of office and home working. Whereas others may be in the middle of immediate décor changes to cater to the latest ruling. 

Here are my top five tips to help you prevent burnout and improve your working from home experience  

1. Research shows the importance of exposure to natural light in the mornings – it sets off our circadian rhythms which control hormone releases and ensure we are tired when the evening comes. Whilst the weather sometimes may not allow it. If the sun shines first thing, then make sure to spend five minutes outside enjoying it.

2. Make sure you have a start and end of the day. Signify this in some way. Change your clothes, leave your ‘office’ room if possible or even turn off your computer. The simplest trigger can help you switch off from work.

3. Take regular breaks and get outside in nature. It’s crucial to make time to leave the home, especially when your using more technology than usual.

4. Even before the latest work from home measures were put in place, we live in a culture of 24-hour information. Make sure your breaks are away from phones, computers and TV. Turn off notifications and enjoy 10 minutes of peace.

5. Zoom meetings have certainly lost their novelty. But internal meetings are a perfect opportunity to laugh. Whilst laughter isn’t always the best medicine, it certainly goes a long way. A good dose of laughing with colleagues can put a lot of stress in perspective.

Working from home is never the same as the office. We’re all different and this transition will be greeted with a varying degree of emotion.   

Three Brain Training has been specifically designed to teach professionals how to take care of three brains instead of one. Preparation and understanding of what makes your three brains tick is key to preventing burnout.   

In the immediate future, it’s important for professionals to have a clear outline between your work and home life to prevent a stress burnout. If you’re looking for more advice on how to prepare for the change, you can contact Andre here