Business On The Verge Of Stress Implosion

stress Jan 18, 2022
Business On The Verge Of Stress Implosion

Business professionals are on the verge of a stress implosion. I use that statement not to scare or worry people but to raise awareness on an issue which we’re very close to.

2022 begins with many of the same quarrels we ended 2021 with: will we be able to travel this year, when will house prices drop, is now a good time to find a new job. Not to mention the everyday worries we carry on our shoulders like money, sleep and our own happiness.

Coping with this increased stress over a long period time, without release, can have a detrimental effect on our health. Whilst the initial wave of worry surrounding covid has begun to ease, restrictions mean our new normal is causing a lot of change and disruption.   

Over the last couple of years, we have completely changed our lives to keep loved ones and our community safe. Previous priorities have been thrown up in the air and activities we used to enjoy to de-stress (sports, socialising, travelling) all now come with added restrictions and worry.  

Recent neuroscientist research has uncovered that humans  have a functional and complex set of neural networks in our hearts and guts as well as our heads. Each has a specific purpose and can affect our mental health in different ways: 

  • The gut represents safety and is related to our fight/ flight system and getting our basic physiological needs met.   
  • The heart represents connection and is governed by our emotional world and how connected we feel to those around us.  

  • The head represents respect and is related to the frontal lobe in the brain and how we fit into society and make meaning and purpose of life.  

Managing stress is no easy feat. Everybody is different and manages their emotions in different ways. However, it’s important that business professionals understand that stress is stored in more than just the brain.

In response to the growing threat of stress, here are my top tips:

  1. Research shows the importance of exposure to natural light in the mornings – it sets off our circadian rhythms which control hormone releases and ensure we are tired when the evening comes. Whilst the weather sometimes may not allow it. If the sun shines first thing, then make sure to spend five minutes outside enjoying it.    
  1. Make sure you have a start and end of the day. Signify this in some way. Change your clothes, leave your ‘office’ room if possible or even turn off your computer. The simplest trigger can help you switch off from work.  
  2. Even before the latest work-from-home measures were put in place, we live in a culture of 24-hour information. Make sure your breaks are away from phones, computers and TV. Turn off notifications and enjoy 10 minutes of peace.  

Stress will be a constant factor throughout our lives. We need to understand how to address and manage this to have happy and successful lives. You can find more information about Three Brain Training on this website and even book a call to speak with me.