Helping You Thrive In Turbulent Times

How often over the past few years have you found yourself exhausted, frustrated, angry and feeling overwhelmed and overworked?

Can you see the same happening to the teams you lead, as they struggle to keep their heads above water and performance levels begin to slide?

Three Brain Training’s science-based approach spans the gap between well-being and peak performance. We help our clients create safe, trusted and interconnected workplaces leading to increased focus, motivation and innovation.

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Our organisations are becoming an increasingly tough environment for so many people

Global events and seismic shifts in the challenges facing business are causing an increase in chronic stress and trauma in the workplace

People are crying out for support and employers are looking for new ways to help the human beings that work for them

Three Brain Training provides effective, research-led training programmes to prevent employee burnout and to support the organisation and its leaders to create safe, trusted and trauma-informed workplaces





Introducing Three Brain Training


Three brain training is a powerful coaching approach that can transform your life from the inside out. Centred around the notion of the three brains; the head, the heart and the gut, it blends scientific thinking and ancient philosophy to move you out of stress and over analysis into intuition and vitality.


“The brain is not solely in the head. The brain is in the heart and more”

~ Aristotle 350, BC


If you’ve ever used your headlistened to your heart or trusted your gut, you’ll know intuitively that the three brains exist, but too often we ignore feelings from the heart or gut in favour of head logic. It’s this imbalance and lack of attention to signals from the body that contribute to procrastination, overthinking and anxiety.

Three brain training gives you the techniques, confidence and support to integrate your head, heart and gut into your everyday, so you can navigate difficult situations with ease, feel calm and enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to create.

“I had tried a variety of techniques to manage my stress and catastrophic thinking like mindfulness, meditation and yoga but was struggling. I now feel I’m finally reconnecting, rewiring and beginning to come out of my head and back into the world.”
 Jon C., Managing Director

Why The Three Brain Training Approach Works

Changes the way you view yourself

Activating the three brains gives you access to higher intelligence; it changes your perceptions and interpretation of the world.

Provides compassionate accountability

Continued guidance so you can follow through on your actions and achieve your dreams

Gives you lifelong tools

Practical methods that you can use every day to shift your thinking and improve your well-being.

Hi, I’m Andre


I’m here to help you look inside yourself, access your inner wisdom and find an ease and lightness that will transform your work and home life. I know that’s a pretty bold statement, but I’ve guided hundreds of clients to discover a life of meaning, experienced this transformation myself and I’m confident it can help you too.

“Andre’s work has completely altered my perspective and given me tools for life which I aim to use every day to keep anxiety and overwhelm at bay; I know now that these things are completely in my control”

Anna M., Careers Advisor


 “I started working with Andre as I felt trapped in an unhappy life and wanted to gain some sort of balance.  I worked long and stressful hours for an unappreciative company and was ashamed to admit that I was stuck in a desperately unhappy personal relationship.  With Andre’s full support and guidance, I have managed to change my life in a relatively short space of time to an unrecognisable happiness that I didn’t believe existed.  Thank you Andre!!” 

Steph D., Director Financial Services

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